S01:E03 To Get Certified or Not, That Is the Question, with Michelle Morin

About: SupplierDiversity.TV Season 1, Episode 3

What are your certifications? You’re told these four words hold the key to endless business opportunities. What if it’s the wrong question altogether? This interview turns the ubiquitous “certification” message on its ear. Michelle Morin is the Executive Director of Supplier Diversity with the State of Delaware and formerly with the State of Massachusetts. She is a diverse and small business thought leader who shares insight on how to do business with state governments. She gives the perfect formula for a winning elevator pitch and exactly when to mention or position your certifications. She interacts with a wide range of diverse businesses, everyone from mom & pop shops to billion-dollar enterprises.

Michelle N. Morin, M.B.A.
State of Delaware
Executive Director – Office of Supplier Diversity

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