S02:E05 – Tiers On Tiers: Don’t Lead With Your Certification With Jonathan Wilkins

ABOUT: SupplierDiversity TV® Season 2, Episode 5
LOCATION: Recorded during NMSDC Austin, TX, October 15-16, 2018

SUMMARY: Be confident in the quality of your business, not just the fact that you are a diverse supplier. Be comfortable using Tiers in the supply chain to accomplish your business goals – don’t feel attached to doing direct business as a Tier I with large corporations like Lenovo. These are just a few words of wisdom from Jonathan Wilkins, Supplier Diversity Program Manager at Lenovo, you’ll see in this episode of SupplierDiversity TV®. Watch the full episode to hear how the supplier diversity industry can stand to improve and learn how you can do business with a technology business.

Jonathan Wilkins
Supplier Diversity Program Manager

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