S02:E07 – Diversity Inclusion and The Rooney Rule With Robert James

ABOUT: SupplierDiversity TV® Season 2, Episode 7
LOCATION: Recorded during NMSDC Austin, TX, October 15-16, 2018

SUMMARY: Learn how Bob James, Program Manager for Supplier Diversity at Highmark Health, applies the Rooney Rule, derived from their hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, to support the inclusion of diverse suppliers. Listen to Bob describe how inclusive diversity has helped him in many roles to achieve more nimble, innovative, and less expensive results than larger, non-diverse options. Hear the story of how mentorship has helped create win-win opportunities with a small, diverse technology company and Highmark Health. Whether you are a corporation looking for best practices to implement in your supplier diversity program, or you are a diverse supplier seeking to learn more about mentorship, you can learn a lot in this exclusive episode of SupplierDiversity TV®.

Robert James
Supplier Diversity Program Manager
Highmark Health

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S01:E02 How to Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Diverse Supplier Success with Ron Baldwin

About: SupplierDiversity.TV Season 1, Episode 2

Your diverse supplier certification is the door, not the key to your business success. We sat down with the acclaimed Ron Baldwin, C.P.M., an expert supplier diversity executive and the Director of Supplier Management and Diversity at AmeriHealth Caritas, to learn about the keys to actually succeeding in the supplier diversity once you’ve been certified. Ron has years of experience advocating for small, diverse businesses and accelerating their growth through strategic partnerships. He has an intimate and intricate understanding of what it takes to leverage your certification successfully, rather than depending on it to do the heavy lifting. This episode is a must-see for anyone looking to establish relationships that reward in the supplier diversity space.

Ronald B. Baldwin Jr., C.P.M.
Director, Supplier Management & Diversity
The AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies

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