S02:E06 – How To Increase Supplier Engagement With CBS, With Natalie Robinson

ABOUT: SupplierDiversity TV®️ Season 2, Episode 6
LOCATION: Recorded during NMSDC Austin, TX, October 15-16, 2018

SUMMARY: Want to earn business from top corporations as a diverse supplier? This exclusive episode of SupplierDiversity TV®️ will help you succeed in corporate matchmakers, prepare to have high-level conversations with executive procurement leadership, and stand out from the crowd. Hear from Natalie Robinson, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Diversity at CBS Corporation as she provides insider tips and tricks, and learn how the responsiveness of diverse suppliers impacts relationship building.

Natalie Robinson, Vice President
Strategic Sourcing & Suppler Diversity
CBS Corporation

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S01:E00 An Introduction — Reshma Moorthy Shares The Vision for SupplierDiversity TV?

About: SupplierDiversity TV Season 1, Episode 0

Q. What is SupplierDiversity.TV?
A. SupplierDiversity TV is a Frontier Technologies passion project featuring 1-on-1 interviews with supplier diversity experts.

Q. What inspired this series?
A. As we grow at Frontier Technologies…we bring on a lot of new people who are not familiar with supplier diversity. We thought about developing some training videos. — Then we thought…how awesome would it be to interview some of our clients, partners, and others in the supplier diversity community to give advice and share their insights? It would be a great way to accelerate or shorten the learning curve for our new people.

Q. Who else could benefit?
A. Then we thought…if we could benefit from this, why not the entire community of diverse suppliers and organizations with a supplier diversity program. So…this is our WHY and the intent behind this project.

Q. How many episodes are planned?
A. We would like to produce at least 12 episodes. We hope we can get at least 12 experts to say yes to a brief interview.

Q. How can anyone in the supplier diversity community help?
A. Please help us spread the word, subscribe and like our page and videos. Nominate someone to be interviewed. Please share and give us feedback and topics of interest. Send us questions that you have regarding supplier diversity in business and let’s see if we can get answers to help all our businesses thrive …thank you.

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