SupplierDiversity.TV®️ Season 2 Trailer 2020

SEASON 2 — Moving the needle: celebrate the release of the second season of SupplierDiversity TV®️ and learn how you can take your supplier diversity program or certification to the next level with exclusive insights from supplier diversity leaders at the world’s top corporations like Wells Fargo, DuPont, Lenovo, CBS, and more.

SupplierDiversity.TV ®️ is a Frontier Technologies passion project, featuring one-on-one interviews with supplier diversity experts. SupplierDiversity.TV®️ premiered its first season on March 1, 2019, marking a first in the supplier diversity industry.

Available to stream for free at SupplierDiversity.TV®️ or on YouTube, SupplierDiversity TV®️ presents a TED Talk meets 60 minutes-like series with renowned leaders in the supplier diversity space with Fortune 500 supplier diversity leaders from some of the best, most prestigious companies in the world.

Supplier diversity is about 50 years old and rapidly spreading globally. It’s a unique culture unto itself, with its own language, protocols, and expectations.

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